Ellipses Pharma

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Ellipses Pharma: Ellipses Pharma is focused exclusively on the development of innovative cancer medicines and treatments. Our mission is to make the very best drugs and therapies available to patients at an unprecedented speed through our permanent, fixed source of funding that allows us to speed up development and own more of the value chain. We have a distinct approach that disrupts the traditional phased funding model and accelerates the drug development process. Our Scientific Affairs Group is the world’s largest panel of key opinion leaders in oncology, providing the best clinical guidance alongside our world renowned leadership team. We are at the forefront of innovation and use multiple different types of novel and smaller trials, with better patient selection to enhance success. Our rapidly scalable development platform can unleash a plethora of more powerful new cancer medicines for the benefit of patients globally.
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United Kingdom

Company Participants at European Biotech Investor Days 2021

Rajan Jethwa
Ellipses Pharma, CEO
Rajan has 15 years’ experience at the frontier of the life sciences industry as an internationally experienced executive and investment professional. Before founding Ellipses Pharma alongside Sir Chris Evans, he built and led a number of successful venture capital-backed businesses across the sector. Rajan is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and graduated from Cambridge University with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Medical Sciences. Rajan founded The Cancer Awareness Trust alongside Sir Chris Evans which is a unique digital platform providing essential guidance for living with cancer and throughout treatment.