Zentalis R&D Day

December 16, 2021

Please join Zentalis for their upcoming R&D day, in which the management team and key opinion leaders will provide a review of new preclinical science across multiple programs, and share clinical updates on ZN-d5 and ZN-e4

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Zentalis [ZNTL] $1,272 MM MCap
De­vel­op­ing best-in-class small molecule ther­a­peu­tics tar­get­ing fun­da­men­tal bi­o­log­i­cal can­cer path­ways. WEE1 in­hibi­tor for ad­vanced solid tu­mors cur­rent­ly in Ph 2. ZN-c5, an oral SERD for breast can­cer, ZN-d5, a BCL-2 in­hibi­tor for he­ma­to­log­ic ma­lig­nan­cies, and ZN-e4, an EGFR in­hibi­tor for NS­CLC. [more in­for­ma­tion]